About Me

How can AI be used for social good?

Yann LeCun’s words – “Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality” – serve as my motivation to work in this field.

As a Computer Science major, I am interested in understanding and applying Machine Learning in applications benefitting society. I am especially interested in addressing questions related to the interpretability and explainability of models in socially relevent fields. I give due importance to writing clean, precise code and to presenting visually appealing and reproducible results.

I am a PhD student in the Complex Data lab at McGill University, School of Computer Science under the supervision of Prof. Reihaneh Rabbany. I work on developing methods to solve socially relevant problems from interconnected data.

I graduated from International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, India (IIIT-B) and received my M.Tech (Master of Technology) and B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degrees in IT (Information Technology).

At IIIT-B, I also worked on spherical K-Means clustering algorithms and their application in recommender systems.

I was associated with the Multi-modal Perception Lab at IIIT-B and did my M.Tech thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dinesh Babu
My thesis work was titled “Deep generative models to generate valid SMILES strings” (sequential representation of molecules). This work focused on improving the percentage of valid SMILES sequences generated using existing deep learning methods by introducing a modified training strategy.

Previously, I was an intern at IBM Research AI Lab, Bangalore where I worked on an application of AI for Software Engineering. I worked on Sequence to Sequence Neural Machine Translation models for method summarization. More details can be found here.

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